Irfan View

IrfanView 64-bit version

Starting with IrfanView 4.40 there is also a 64-bit version available.

Advantages of IrfanView 64-bit over 32-bit version:

  • It can load VERY large files/images (image RAM size over 1.3 GB, for special users)
  • Faster for very large images (25+ Megapixels, loading or image operations)
  • Runs 'only' on a 64-bit Windows (Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10)

Advantages of IrfanView 32-bit over 64-bit version:

  • Runs on a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
  • Loads all files/images for normal needs (max. RAM size is about 1.3 GB)
  • Needs less disc space
  • All PlugIns will work: not all PlugIns are ported (yet) to 64-bit (like OCR) and some 32-bit PlugIns must be still used in the 64-bit version, some with limitations (see the "Plugins32" folder)
  • Some old 32-bit PlugIns (like RIOT and Adobe 8BF PlugIn) work only in compatilibilty mode in IrfanView-64 (only 32-bit 8BF files/effects can be used)
  • Command line options for scanning (/scan etc.) work only in 32-bit (because no 64-bit TWAIN drivers)


  • You can install both versions on the same system, just use different folders. For example: install the 32-bit version in your "Program Files (x86)" folder and the 64-bit version in your "Program Files" folder (install 32-bit PlugIns to IrfanView-32 and 64-bit PlugIns to IrfanView-64, DO NOT mix the PlugIns and IrfanView bit versions)
  • The program name and icon have some extra text in the 64-bit version for better distinguishing


Available 64-bit downloads

Download IrfanView-64 English (Version 4.51, Self extracting EXE file, 3.36 MB) 
(SHA-256 checksum: c4cac895dbc4a3c31565c3947d48949a7eb611696c1d4fde0161710c35460e6c)
Download IrfanView-64 English (Version 4.51, ZIP file, 2.91 MB) 
(SHA-256 checksum: 8112213e9a8aa406712e326523a5a8090d6a827ee5fbaf9ef055eb69e7e8d859)

Download von IrfanView-64 Deutsch/German (Version 4.51, EXE-Installer, 3.62 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: edc8b3516cbed9c435898e72468df6f131dc2c76498e89fbb5b5d0d219f2e46f)
Download von IrfanView-64 Deutsch/German (Version 4.51, ZIP file, 3.17 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: c7a01d22712d71887713c9c144edde44ce2f57b8e56152884addc31f0d871357)

Download IrfanView-64 PlugIns (Version 4.51, EXE-Installer, 24.70 MB) 
(SHA-256 checksum: 19c3ff7168ec96972cd4ed5c8ce79c320392c6e94fd2ca024fc78b07d6953442)
Download IrfanView-64 PlugIns (Version 4.51, ZIP file, 22.30 MB)
(SHA-256 checksum: c938d7ae4dcbb2b531f416cffb772bd91b3c8eba84d7a787d936f962aa80e00e)